Upholstery restoration Perth

We can help you with upholstery restoration of antique, iconic, and pre-loved pieces

Cherished heirlooms, beautiful antiques, mid-century suites and unusual chairs are just some of the items we restore, recover and re-upholster at our workshop in Welshpool, Perth. The team at Everest Design are trained, skilled upholsterers, with years of experience applying traditional techniques in upholstery and timber framework.

Re-upholstering furniture is more than changing the fabric. The beautiful frames made with Australian hardwoods may stand strong but over time the jute webs and ties break, and the coil springs fall all over the place. Our accomplished Upholsterer’s know how to retie the springs back into place and sew in the thumb roll along the seat. They sort flock and fibre that can be saved then often a top up of modern foam is required to bring them back to looking new again. Finally, the pattern is made for the new cover and once the new fabric is chosen, it is cut, sewn and upholstered perfectly in place.

Below are some examples of furniture we have brought back to life:


Club chair upholstery restoration Perth
Sofa upholstery restoration Perth
Grandmother's chair upholstery restoration Perth
Lounge suite upholstery restoration Perth
Captain's chair upholstery restoration Perth
Occassional chair upholstery restoration Perth
Leather armchair upholstery restoration Perth
Restore upholstery Vintage Car Seats Perth
Restored TV Chair upholstery Perth
Restored Louis Suite upholstered chair Perth
Restored Chaise upholstery Perth
Restore sofa upholstery Perth
Restored King Louis Chair
Restored Buttoned Tub Chair

Everest Design make new furniture as well as breathing life back into vintage items.